Family Services Program

We offer a new innovative comprehensive Family Services Program which offers screening and assessment services so we can assist families with High Conflict or Parental Alienation by treating or providing recommendations for issues such as mental health, behavioral, high conflict and parenting skills.

About out Family Services Program

Our Family Services Program is different than typical mental health assessment or psychological evaluation with treatment as our program assess BOTH PARENTS via individual and family screening and assessments as listed below. We are specifically trained to screen and assess both parents and step parents living in the home whether by court order or by voluntary status. If requested, our Family Services Program can also screen and assess only one parent.

Christine Whittaker, LMFT is also a experienced Social Investigator and a Qualified Parent Coordinator, if you choose our Family Services Program we will assess issues are pervasively affecting your family to encapsulate the dysfunction that is hindering your family. Because Christine Whittaker, LMFT is a trained Social Investigator she uses many of the same skills, and family investigative work to identify issues related to mental health, behavioral, substance related and parenting skills that can connect the dots to encapsulate family dysfunction. Our end result can be thought of as a mini Social Investigation that includes the mental health, behavioral, and parent skills treatment to create or enhance healthy patterns of family function. If your family does not need the complete Family Services Program we can conduct any individual service from the Family Services Program and provide detailed reports of concerns, recommendations, strengths, risks and needs that you may need for court purposes. Christine Whittaker, LMFT testifies as an Expert Witness in the Hillsborough County Judicial Courts.

We will determine the core of family dysfunction and how to fix it. We specialize specifically in pathology related how individual family members positively or negatively affect family functioning. We individualize our Family Services Program to your family so you only participate in what will help your family, if it is determined that your family needs services not listed below than we will either provide the service or find a professional to provide the service. If the individual or family is court ordered to Participate in our Family Services Program you can receive monthly progress reports with lack of progress or non-compliance; if an individual or family declines treatment than you will receive a detailed written report including above information along with the resulting detriment to the children and family due to declining services.

Expert Witness

Christine Whittaker, LMFT has testified as an expert witness in many family cases she has served. Her area of extensive professional experience in the family system includes co-parent conflict, parent-child conflict, high conflict personalities, parental alienation, the attachment system, parenting skills, family therapy, stress management, child development, domestic abuse, crisis intervention & management, substance abuse, conflict resolution. Over the course of the years of assessments, diagnosis, and treatment of this specific form of family dysfunction, Christine has established a specialized expertise in parental personality disorder pathology as expressed within the family system.

Family Services Program, Tampa, FL 33618
Our Family Services Program is avalable in Tampa, Florida 33618.
Chirstine Whittaker specialize in Family Services Program in Hillsborough County, Tampa, FL 33618.

About your Qualified Professional

Christine, Whittaker, LMFT author of the curriculum and handbook for the Parent Education and Stabilization Course “Children and Families in Transition”, is an experienced Florida Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Divorce Mediator, Social Investigator, Parent Alienation Specialist, Qualified Parent Coordinator and a Certified Education Instructor in private practice in Tampa, Florida. She is an advocate of the Solution-Focused-approach while promoting the way our past influences our present-day communication and parenting. She encourages a non-adversarial approach in identifying individual and family patterns, risks, needs and strengths to determine where the breakdown in an individual or family occurred in order to strengthen, restructure, reorganize and rebuild parents and children. Her innate strength of understanding, empathy, compassion, and integrity is her foundation for professional services. Her instinctive strengths help in her ability to effectively identify and determine unhealthy individual and family patterns to provide direct, simple and straight forward services.

Our Family Services Program or individual services can start with the lowest level of family intrusion (screening) to determine if individuals or families need further assessments or evaluations. When we provide the recommendations from the screening to you or your attorney you can either choose to participate in recommendations that can help your family or you can have a judge decide if you will participate in the recommendations provided.
If a judge, attorney or other source has already recommended assessments or treatments for you than we do not have to provide the screening unless you would like them and can simply provide that service requested. Not every individual or family is recommended to participate in the Family Services Program; the screenings will also indicate simple or basic interventions can better help enhance healthy patterns of your family functioning.

We have highly trained and experienced professionals who provide direct services to the public as well as consulting with attorneys in the areas of parent alienation, high conflict family cases, Forensic Services as a Social Investigator, Supreme Court Certified Family Divorce Mediator, Nationally Certified Parenting Instructor specialized in Parent Alienation, Individual and Family Counseling/Therapy, and Parenting Coordination services by a qualified, highly experienced and licensed professional.
Professionals from our Family Services Program currently work with Judicial Courts to conduct court ordered individual mental health & substance abuse assessments, parenting assessments, family assessments, parent alienation assessments as well as home studies, parent time-sharing, and parenting plans. All of our services include comprehensive report listing concerns, strengths, needs and risks with detailed recommendations and/or clinical recommendations based on empirical data and evidenced by unbiased clinical assessments, legal data, environmental data and observations.

Our Goals

Our goal in the Family Services Program is to help one parent or two parent families suffering with high conflict or high dysfunction to find resolutions and end their emotional self-survival in order to enjoy their children the way a parent envisions. So many families spend more time and money dealing with high conflict, the emotionally damaging aspects of their lives and trying to undo the effects of your children’s time-sharing with a high conflict co-parent.

By eliminating or reducing parental conflict and emotional distress, parents and children can learn more effective ways of coping with emotional distress, reducing high conflict, communicating with co-parents and children, understanding and reducing children’s behavioral reactions and emotional distress.

We help create healthy and happy families either by finding solutions to balance family functioning to strengthen, restructure, reorganize and rebuild a positive nurturing relationship between parents and children or by identifying severe concerns about a parent’s time-sharing with their children.

Family Services Program in Tampa, Florida 33618


  • Is conducted to determine if any interventions, mental health or substance abuse/use services are recommended or needed

  • Our Family Dynamics Screening uses three norms-based measures that look at the dynamics within the family system, the quality of the parenting alliance, and the degree of stress/fragility the parents and children are experiencing

Family Assessment Process Identifies

  • Family perceptions of events and dynamics

  • Family structure

  • Environmental conditions

  • Family strengths, needs, risks

  • Quality of the parenting alliance

  • The degree of stress/fragility the parents and children are experiencing

  • Includes Genogram to identify extended family patterns

  • Face to face interview with each family member individually to compete Family Interview Questionnaire

Parenting Assessment

A norm referenced inventory designed to assess the parenting and child rearing attitudes of adolescents and adult parent and pre-parent populations. Based on the known parenting and child rearing behaviors of abusive parents, responses to the inventory provide an index of risk for practicing behaviors known to be attributable to child abuse and neglect. The assessment provides an index of risk in five specific parenting and child rearing behaviors:

  • Construct A – Expectations of children

  • Construct B – Parental Empathy towards Children’s Needs

  • Construct C – Use of Corporal Punishment

  • Construct D – Parent-Child Family Roles

  • Construct E – Children’s Power and Independence

Parental Alienation Assessment

  • Includes Family Assessment

  • Includes Parent child observations in the child’s natural surroundings

  • Includes home Visit

  • Includes Biopsychosocial/Mental Health Assessment

  • Includes results of MMPI-2 Personality traits inventory

  • Includes results psychological Evaluation (if conducted)

  • Includes results Psychiatric Evaluation (if conducted)

  • Includes informational results from any other referral source

  • Includes results from any factual information from collaborative sources

  • Includes results from Parenting Assessment

  • Includes results from Parenting Practices Rating Scale

  • Includes results from Diagnostic Checklist for Pathogenic Parenting: Extended Version

  • Includes results from Checklist of Associated Clinical Signs

  • Includes Parental Alienation Processes Pathogenic Parenting Concern Scale

Minor Child Assessment

  • Functional tool for assessing and monitoring social-emotional and behavioral development in infants, toddlers, and preschoolers at risk for social-emotional delays or problems.

  • Assesses a child’s social-emotional strengths and weaknesses; elicits information about a child’s inner thoughts and feelings; and identifies emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal concerns in a child.

  • Eight individual components encompass nonverbal projective, verbal self-report, and verbal projective methods.

  • With adolescents, the presenting problem may be academic, emotional, or behavioral, but the solution is often interpersonal. If you look at the teenager’s interpersonal world, you’ll have a better chance of understanding his or her school performance, emotional issues, and behavior.

  • Our Family Dynamics Screening uses three norms-based measures that look at the dynamics within the family system, the quality of the parenting alliance, and the degree of stress/fragility the parents and children are experiencing.

  • Face to face interview with each family member individually to compete Family Interview Questionnaire.



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