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A Healthy family relationship is an essential part of psychological health and an overall well being. Through effective Family Counseling a full range of issues can be solved to promote family change and development. Whittaker Family Services provides specialized Family Counseling services for families by focusing on the prevention and treatment of emotional trauma, parenting, family organization, role realignment to foster resiliency in families. Strategic Family Counseling combines two mayor therapeutic models – Strategic Therapy and Family Therapy – a combination of therapies that make create plan to effectively manage or improve a family´s particular problems or issues. There is no issue that cannot be addressed by our family therapist. The number Family counseling sessions necessary for each case is different depending on the nature and gravity of family issues. Whittaker Family Services is located in Tampa, Fl. We offer our Family Counseling service in our office in Carrollwood and Tampa, Fl.

What is Strategic Family Counseling?

What is Strategic Family Counseling? Strategic therapists are problem solvers and solution-finders. We are the referees and coaches, not the spectators passively observing the action played out before them. They aren´t as concerned with where or how the problem started, but how to address it and solve it at this point in time.

A focus on current family communication patterns that serve to maintain a problem, treatment goals derive from the prom or symptoms presented.

Sometimes our failed attempted solutions become the problem, they engage us in more of the same behavior, and this becomes a vicious cycle of failed attempts to solve the problem. An impasse occurs and the family/relationship is stuck in a negatve, unhealthy cycle.

Chronic symptoms can be because of repeatedly mishandled attemps and not necessarily a deficit in the system. In Family Counseling Sessions, the therapist will change interactional sequences which breaks the vicious cycle and identifying what the cycle is and the behaviors that feed it. Knowing previous attempts to solve the problem and the behaviors associated with how you tried to fix the problem in the past may be maintaining the problem. Knowing the attempts avoids repeating what didn´t work, we will make interventions that are based on direct observations of how behavior functions.

Understanding the specific role each plays in maintaining the problem can decrease the level of emotional reactivity and anxiety. The therapist will structure the family counseling session to encourage you to think about the processes within the family and about your roles. Once you can begin to become less reactive we can work on reconnecting and de-triangulation relationships that help to break the vicious cycle of repeated unhelathy behaviors.

Through Family Counseling you can learn new ways to interact that lead to trust and closeness, and improved ways to communicate that help you better manage conflict. Maybe this link is interesting to you: Mental

Family Counseling & Family Systems Theory

  • The family is a structure of related parts of subsystems (couple, sibling parent subsystems). Each action or change affects every other person in the family.

  • The family structure has components that can only be seen in its interactions between family members. Individual make up a family system. This family system is a complex whole that cannot be understood by examining members separately.

  • Family Roles: Patterns of interaction become ingrained habits that make change difficult.
  • Family Rules: Each family has certain rules that are self-regulating and peculiar to itself. The family is a purposeful system; it has a goal. Usually the goal is to remain intact as a family.

  • Boundaries: For families to function well, subsystems must maintain healthy, predictable boundaries.
  • Adaptation: Dispite resistance to change each family system constantly adapts to maintain itself in responce to its members and environment.
  • Systems change through the family life cycle. Changes in family systems are caused by both predictable life cycle changes and non-predictable stressors that may create a crisis in the family.

We offer Family Counseling Service in Carrollwood and Tampa, Florida.
After Family Counseling a man handwrite a loveletter. We offer our Family Counseling Service in Carrollwood and Tampa, Florida.
Picture of a family after Family Counseling.

What does it mean to say a family is a system?

Think about a mobile. When one piece moves, the whole mobile moves. Movement of one affect the whole system. The whole family is greater than the sum of its parts, as members of a family system every member is interconnected. Within family systems theory the focus is on with how we relate to one another. We build a collection of interactions called a system. The system can be a family or a workgroup or a collection of friends. Our focus in Family Counseling is on the system rather that just on individuals. With the system there are qualitatively different elements that help determine what we are and what we can become.

Each part of the system affects each other.

For example, an alcoholic family member often destabilizes the family system. The alcoholic´s unpredictability, violence, contempt, and self-focus distorts much of the family´s interactions. This means that the whole family must adapt to these unhealthy behaviors. Family members do things such as absorbing the anger, denying the effect of the alcoholics behavior, avoiding him, and even trying to cover up the disease.

Good News!

Systems are self-refelctive. We have the capability to examine our own behavior. This self-reflectivity allows us to focus on our systems and set goals rather than to accept that what we experience is “just the way things are”. Come and join our Family Counseling Service today!

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