Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

Our Couples Counseling isn’t only for couples, we also offer Couples Counseling for one. Counseling for one is a proactive approach for you to learn how to fix what’s not working; you can bring home and implement into your relationship skills and tools. Couples counseling for one is not considered individual therapy – the focus is still on your relationship.

Are you wondering why your partner didn’t come with an owner’s manual…and where is it?
Do you have an image or false expectation of a more intimate and loving relationship?
Are your expectations attainable?
Do you know how to make that vision a reality?
Have you considered couples counseling, but wondered if it was really for you?
Can couples counseling address your specific needs?
Does your partner refuse to come to counseling?
Is couples counseling for me?

There are many advantages of Couples Counseling. In our approach to Couples Therapy, we don’t change how you think, we change how you understand which leads to behavior change. In our Counseling Sessions we provide a great opportunity for individual and couples growth, to help each partner understand and appreciate his or her differences and similarities. We create an environment for couples counseling that actively fosters understanding of perceptions, emotional connection, and the development of skills to maintain that connection at home.

Why Couples Counseling?

Many people think of couples counseling as a last resort to stay together. Typically, couples seek help through Therapy when they feel they can no longer deal with relationship distress, such as:

  • persistent conflicts and power struggles
  • lack of focused communication
  • differences in sexual desire
  • lost passion or less sexual intimacy
  • infidelity and feelings of betrayal
  • issues of trust
  • emotional disconnection or drifting apart
  • unable to control emotions and reactions
  • anger or stressful interactions

Who typically attends to our sessions?

Couples who seek our counseling services are at various stages of disconnect. Some couples are in more distress than others, but it is important to actively deal with any level of disconnect. Sometime one or both partners may be holding on to just the slightest hope that couples counseling can turn things around.Other couples may feel compatible, but something is missing in their relationship. Perhaps life-cycle changes, work and family challenges, or personal life choices, have kept them ion distress or in crisis or survival mode.

Whatever might bring you to couples counseling, you will be glad you made the decision before it’s too late.

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Happy Woman/Girl through Couples Counseling. Our service is available in Carrollwood and Tampa, Florida.
Happy Couple through couples counseling We offer our Couples Counseling in Carrollwood and Tampa, Florida.
Happy adult man through couples counseling. Our Couples Counseling is available in Tampa and Carrollwood, Florida.

Our Couples Counseling Methodology

We bring a unique perspective to the art of understanding love and relationships. By providing interventions and tools that can offer instant relief, we also encourage a foundational re-development of skills, attitudes and emotional openness. This foundational change is imperative in order to have a different perception and understanding of the manifestation of love in an intimate relationship.

We work with both married and non-married couples of both heterosexual and same-sex orientations to resolve relationship roadblocks. We also help those who want to renew, rediscover or enrich the quality of their relationships.

Traditional marriage or couple counselling usually focuses on symptoms or problems. We focus on what is healthy in each individual, rather than on what may be “wrong” or “missing”. We look at what shapes the dynamic of each relationship, and how relationship dynamics change as each individual grows and faces new life challenges.

The Quest for Love in Couples Counseling

You fell in love and committed yourself to your partner. You expected to be happily together forever. But now your relationship has problems…..are you fighting more with each other… feel more like roommates instead of partners or lovers…is your relationship in crisis because of an affair, or you may even be on the brink of divorce. There is no owner’s manual for a successful marriage people change throughout their lifetime which means the relationship must changes too. Loving each other can be maintained but staying in love and sustaining emotional connectedness is a real challenge for many couples. The growing demands of work and family life, romance and passion easily fade. Over time, couples find themselves seeking more intimacy and more meaningful contact yet are unsure how to obtain it. Our couples counseling is focused on creating and learning how to reconnect with the emotional connectivity and sense of partnership that every couple needs.

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Couples Counseling for One?

Sometimes one person in a troubled relationship wants help through counseling but the other person refuses to go. If you are this person…’re not alone. Most couples wait too long to seek professional help, typically by this time the relationship is on the brink and it is a final effort to save the relationship. When the couple waits to long to seek couples counseling it’s more difficult to repair. Couples counseling for one is a proactive approach for you to learn how to fix what’s not working; you can bring home and implement into your relationship skills and tools. Couples counseling for one is not considered individual therapy – the focus is still on your relationship. Don’t wait for your partner to come around, listen to your intuition about the distress you feel in your relationship. You are entitled to the feelings you have and you don’t have to wait for your partner to see the distress in the relationship the way you see it; you can come by yourself. Give us a call at 813.240.0855 to find out more information about counseling service for one or to schedule an appointment.

Understanding Love & Relationships

We view love as an art, a dynamic activity, rather than only an idyllic, passive state that lasts forever. As with any art form, love needs to have a mutual perceptional and foundational base layer. Through counseling love can be mastered with ongoing learning that changes as you change throughout life-cycle changes. We define the purpose of relationships as an opportunity for each partner to reveal the core of their unmet needs so both individuals develop a deeper, truer connection.

Creating Emotional Connections

We understand that that you feel, think and understand things differently from your partner. Our counseling service doesn’t change the way you think, what we do change is how you understand your perception of your relationship and your partner. Anyone can learn tools and skills that can provide relief to your relationship. The difference with our couples counseling is that we focus on the lasting underlying change that stays with your relationship even through life-cycle changes. We make the skills and tools have more meaning by focusing on connecting emotionally and understanding our true perceptions.

Will our Couples Conseling Approach Work for you?

Whether your relationship is at a crossroads, is in a good place but you want to make it even better or you are seeking more connectedness, our couples counseling approach will help turn things around. In our couples counseling proactive approach you will learn to speak from your heart with a direct approach and not feel like you to have to beat around the bust to be understood. You will learn to validate feelings and be validated, stop blaming and reacting to your partner. Your will develop the ability to “read” your partner, and begin to “hear” what he or she is saying. Couples counseling will help you learn how to redirect a conflict to make an effective resolution, you will begin to renew the intimacy you once shared, even feel it more deeply. Our couples counseling approach is intentionally designed to give each of you a private, nonjudgmental space where you can speak honestly and openly. The focus of our couples counseling is on developing a framework where you can hear, understand, validate and respond to each other, no matter what issues you bring to counseling. We offer our Service in our offices in Carrollwood and Tampa, Florida.

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