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Counseling Services

Couples or Marriage Counseling is not just for people who are married and can encompass more than simply communication and trust. You don´t have to be diagnosed with a mental health problem to benefit from therapy. We offer Counseling Services for Adults, Teen and Kids.


Divorce Services

We know that separation and divorce can be one of life´s most difficult experiences. Our goal is to help you work out a separation or divorce plan for your family that is financially responsible, legally binding, and emotionally sensitive. Please check our Divorce Service Checklist.


Legal Services

We offer Guardian ad Litem and Supervised Visitation Services in Carrollwood – Tampa Florida. All of these services are also offered field based in your own environment. The therapeutic Supervised Visitation Program incorporates Therapy and Supervised Visitation.


About Whittaker Family Services

The decision to meet a Specialist from Whittaker Family Services is an important one and the process to begin treatment should not be difficult or overwhelming. Our specialists will assist you identifying, accessing and utilizing your inner strengths and resources to achieve balance and harmony in your life. Our professionals meet the state of Florida´s credentialing, licensing and certification requirements and regularly attend updated trainings.

Our therapists strive to successfully make the counseling process easier for you. We do not use one method and vary it for all, we determine which method of intervention fits your life. In doing this we are able to increase understanding of elements that create our inability to maintain the life we want.

Let’s improve the quality of your life and your relationship with others and with yourself. We respect the diversity of individuals, families, and communities, as we work in collaboration with clients to achieve their goals. We have an abiding respect for our clients, and consider it a privilege to share in their personal growth.

Counseling is not just a job , it is a practice and a process that requires a continued dedication to improving yourself professionally by learning new ways to help others. We have the experience and passion for people. We help make a lasting difference in the mental health of our clients.

From our Offices in Carrollwood and Tampa, Fl, we offer Marriage Counseling, Family Counseling and Individual Counseling Services for Adults, Teen and Kids. We utilized our Therapy Play Room when we do Therapy on children ages 3 -10. We also have comfortable Group Rooms for our Group Therapy Sessions.

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About Counseling

Strategic therapists are problem solvers and solution-finders. We are the referees and coaches, not the spectators passively observing the action played out before them. Within family systems theory the focus is on with how we relate to one another. We build a collection of interactions called a system. The system can be a family or a workgroup or a collection of friends. Our focus is on the system rather that just on individuals. With the system there are qualitatively different elements that help determine what we are and what we can become.

You can count on us.

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