Our Mission

Whittaker Family Services is helping children, adolescence, adults and high conflict families strengthen, restructure, reorganize and rebuild. What we strive for is healthy families by teaching parents how to create a family environment where all members are supported in reaching their highest potential.

We have highly trained and experienced professionals who provide direct services to the public as well as consulting with attorneys in the areas of Parent Alienation, High Conflict Family cases, Forensic Services as a Social Investigator, Supreme Court Certified Family Divorce Mediator, Certified Parenting Instructor specialized in Parental Alienation, Parenting Coordination, Individual and Family Counseling/Therapy.

Our qualified professionals provide treatment for Parental Alienation, Individual and Family Assessments, Anger Management, Stress Management, Child Development, Domestic Abuse, Crisis Intervention & Management, Substance Abuse, Conflict Resolution.

We currently work with Judicial Courts to conduct court ordered individual Mental Health & Substance Abuse Assessments, Parenting Assessments, Family Assessments, Parent Alienation Assessments, Parenting Coordination as well as Home Studies, Child Custody, and Parenting Plans Time sharing. All our services include comprehensive reports, detailed recommendations and/or clinical recommendations based on empirical data and evidenced by unbiased clinical assessments, legal data, environmental data and observations.

Our Goals

Our goal is to assist one parent or two parent families in identifying individual or family patterns, risks, needs and strengths to determine where the breakdown in a family occurred so we can create a plan to strengthen, restructure, reorganize and rebuild a positive nurturing relationship between parents and children.

By reducing parental conflict and emotional distress, parents and children will learn more effective ways of coping with emotional distress, reducing high conflict, communicating with co-parents and children, understanding and reducing children’s behavioral reactions and emotional distress.

By teaching parents how to identify and more effectively cope with different unhealthy individual or family patterns of emotional distress in themselves and in their children, they are better able to understand and reduce children’s behavioral reactions and emotional distress.

Children maintain their sense of well-being and strength from different sources, but the primary source is from their parents and their family system structure. When a parent experiences any kind of emotional distress including parent burnout the effects negatively trickle down to the children and disrupts their sense of emotional stability. Parental and family distress can disrupt the child’s social, emotional and academic functioning which can negatively affect natural child development. If a child’s natural succession through developmental stages is disrupted, they are more likely to search for unhealthy sources of strength from outside the family system. This can negatively affect how they interact in social situations such as bullying, friends, making unhealthy behavioral choices and peer pressure. Academics can also be affected by impairing academic functioning or a child’s attempt to overachieve to get a different type of attention or decrease parent stress as they feel they are a source of parent stress. It is important to understand that with family distress or instability brings increased amounts of distress and insecurity for parent and children that can result in anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, social anxiety, behavioral or conduct disorders. Healthy parent equals healthy children!

Our Client Focus

Our specialty is to provide solutions for families who have spent more time fighting the legal system or each other than being a happy family. We take pride in helping with parent alienation, high conflict families, high conflict parents and children who have been riding the family roller coaster with high conflict parents.

We look at the dynamics within the family system and with individuals that cause family or individual social-emotional, behavioral and interpersonal issues. We assess the quality of the parenting alliance, individual function and dysfunction, emotional manipulation and emotional control and the degree of stress/ fragility the parents and children are experiencing and help with moving on after divorce or separation. We help the stability of your family become healthy.

We take pride in helping attorneys and the Hillsborough County Court with Reunification Therapy, Parental Alienation Assessments, High Conflict Families, High Conflict Parents, Domestic Violence, Social Investigation, Parenting Coordination, various Assessment Services as well as Court Testimonies.

We are referred family cases directly from the courts to conduct our family services. Christine Whittaker, LMFT who is a Parent Coordinator, Social Investigator, Family Divorce Mediator, Certified Parent Education Instructor and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist provides has been deemed expert witness status.

About out Expert

Christine Whittaker, LMFT
Christine Whittaker, LMFTManaging Owner

My area of professional experience in the family system is parent-child-conflict, high conflict personalities, the attachment system, and family therapy. Over the course of the years of assessments, diagnosis, and treatment of this specific form of family pathology, I have established a specialized expertise in parental personalty disorder pathology as expressed within the family system.

Christine Whittaker, LMFT is an experienced Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Divorce Mediator, Social Investigator, Qualified Parenting Coordinator, Parent Alienation Specialist and a Certified Parenting Education Instructor, Behavioral Management Consultant in private practice in Tampa, Florida. Christine is specifically trained to understand the complexities of interpersonal relationships and treats more than just mental, emotional or behavioral disorders. Her additional training certifies that she is killed to treat not only the disorder but the impact these disorder have on relationship networks such as social setting, school, dating, marriage relationships and families.

Her vast experience includes creating behavioral management plans, clinically assessing, treating and counseling for couples, families and individuals of all ages, creating and maintaining family and individual safety, home studies, counseling for domestic violence and substance abuse, creating individual and family safety plans, teaching parenting skills, anger management and stress management, conflict resolution.

Her education, training and nine years’ experience as a Special Education teacher further assist her ability to help parents, children and families. Her inner strengths of understanding, empathy, compassion, and integrity is her foundation for professional services. Her instinctive strengths help her in her ability to effectively identify and determine unhealthy individual and family patterns to provide direct, simple and straight forward techniques of communicating. She helps people stay grounded, focused and validated.

Christine has testified as an expert witness in many family case she has served.

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